My name is Christiane Payton.  I am the shepherd at North Valley Farm and I am a spinner, knitter and weaver.   

Lincolns are longwool sheep, well suited to Oregon's Willamette Valley and beyond.  Our animals have been carefully selected to produce well muscled carcasses on a pasture based diet as well as long lustrous fleeces with an excellent hand.  We have sold breeding stock to folks in Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Connecticut, New York and Vermont.

Lincoln sheep are my passion - they are intelligent, thrifty animals with a rich history that reaches back to Roman times.  Although a rare breed in the 21st century, Lincoln sheep played an integral role in the agricultural development of Great Britain during the late Middle Ages through the Industrial Revolution.  And their unique genetics are the cornerstone of many modern breeds of sheep including Columbias, Corriedales and Polypays. 

I believe that the future of commercially viable specialized agriculture is tied to niche manufacturing.  To this end, we are working to bring a high quality rug yarn into production together with Nicolas Walker of Caravan Classics.  And there are projects in the wings for our natural colored wool that include a line of domestically millspun yarn.

Whether you need new genetics, locker lamb, fleeces, roving or yarn - contact us and we'll use our knowledge of livestock and fiber arts to find the sheep or fiber that best suites your needs.

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