Our flock of Lincoln sheep started in 2002 with the purchase of animals with West Coast genetics.  The bloodlines trace back to Magruder, Kessi, and Carlson among others.  In 2010 we chose to start running two distinct flocks, one with natural colored animals and color carrying whites, and one with homozygous white stock.  To add to our existing base of genetics, we purchased the last 12 adult ewes from Delbert Kessi's flock (2010) and all of Harvey Warrick's white flock in 2012.


The North Valley Farm Lincolns also have NZ  (Tattershall) as well as UK (Tal-Y-Farm) genetics.   In 2014, we will add a 25% UK Tardebigge ram lamb to the stud ram line up.  We breed for thick, rugged Lincolns that thrive on grass, produce growthy carcass lambs for our grass fed lamb business as well as put out a traditional heavy and high luster fleece.