North Valley Farm grass-fed lamb is sold by the half and the whole - all prices listed include delivery into the Portland metro area.  With over a decade of experience direct marketing our lamb, we can assure you that the flavor, tenderness and texture of the meat is second to none.  That's why North Valley lamb has been served at one of the area's finest restaurants, Thistle in McMinnville, OR (2011 Portland Restaurant of the Year) as well as at Accanto in Portland.

Because we raise only our own lambs, they are available seasonally, generally from July through November.  If you are interested in placing an order, do get in touch with us as soon as possible as we are often sold out by the late fall.  You can either call or e-mail to get on the list for this year's deliveries.  Payment is at the time of delivery and can be in the form of either a personal check or cash.  Discounts are available on 3 or more lambs delivered to the same location.  The price for a whole lamb, including delivery is $330 while the price for a half is $180.


Ordering Lamb

When you order lamb by the half  you get the following:

1 hind leg (either bone in or boned or in leg kebabs)
1 loin (whole or in chops)
the rack (whole or in chops)
the shanks (whole or ground)
the shoulder (whole, boned or large chunks of stew meat)
ground lamb
liver, heart, kidneys and stew bones are optional


Half a lamb is approximately 20 lbs. of meat and takes up just under a cubic foot of freezer space.  When you order a whole lamb, you get double the amount i.e. approximately 40 lbs. of meat.  A full sized freezer usually has a capacity of 16 cubic ft. and can hold 500 lbs. of meat.  Depending on the time of year, some cuts may or may not be available.  For example, we currently have all of our shoulders in large pieces of stew meat.  Click here for a diagram of the standard cuts we offer, but remember to ask if you don't see what you are looking for - we are happy to work with your specific requests!